Pool ID: a24a0b7f7dec890db8c59c47646290522234a522a98f00cf2d589a80 - Our pool can be validated by cross checking the pool id on pooltool.io or adaPools.org

Welcome to Stake Pool WEQNT!

WEQNT is your reliable Cardano stakepool located in The Netherlands.We were part of the CardanoIncentivisedTestnet (ITN) and have also been part of the pioneers who have tested several Shelley features beforeactuallybeing launched on Cardano main net.

With the Shelley main net now live, ADA holders can delegate their ada to stake pools of their choice. In return for delegating ADA to a stake pool, the ADA holders will receive rewards in the form of ADA.

On August 1st 2020 Stake Pool WEQNT wassuccessfullyregisteredon theCardanomain net with its continued mission to provide basic solar lighting to people living in remote areas of Kenya, Uganda,Ethiopiaand parts of theCaribbean.For more information about our mission, click here

We invite you to delegate to WEQNT - a purpose driven stake pool.

We Can Do It


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We have been part of the cardano community since 2018 and have started serving as an ambassador in april 2019. We are the force behind community initiative; 'The Cardano Community Podcast', 'TCCP-medium' and 'The Cardano Community Comics' - also known as #cardanotoons. We are passionate aboutCardano and hope to continue serving our community for many years to come.



We are not a Cardano Ambassador or running a stake pool just because we fulfil a certain role. No! We are here because we support a philosophy, an ethic, a real commitment, and a purpose. We also see it as our duty to serve and put every effort into promoting decentralization and whilst doing so not forgetting the poor through our charity lighting project.

$WMTairdropsfor All WEQMT delegators😀

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WEQNT Delegators with 400 ada staked can now claim World Mobiletokens through tosidrops.io. Over a period of 10 epochs total amount of tokens claimable is 0.2 WMT. This amount will beincreased during the 2022 holiday season, and again onceMainnet islaunched andearth nodes are up and running.

Q2 2023 $ADA airdrops😀

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As of Q2 2023 we are also planning to provide WEQNT delegators with small amounts of ADA airdrops via tosidrops.io

The minimum ada staked to be eligible will be 5000 ada, and there will be no need to claim each era. Ada airdrops will be accumulated for 10 epochs before you may claim 0.14 ada.