Pool ID: a24a0b7f7dec890db8c59c47646290522234a522a98f00cf2d589a80 - Our pool can be validated by cross checking the pool id on pooltool.io or adaPools.org 

Welcome to Stake Pool WEQNT!

WEQNT is your reliable Cardano stakepool located in The Netherlands. We were part of the Cardano Incentivised Testnet (ITN) and have also been part of the pioneers who have tested several Shelley features before actually being launched on Cardano main net.

With the Shelley main net now live, ADA holders can delegate their ada to stake pools of their choice. In return for delegating ADA to a stake pool, the ADA holders will receive rewards in the form of ADA.

On August 1st 2020 Stake Pool WEQNT was successfully registered on the Cardano main net with its continued mission to provide basic solar lighting to people living in remote areas of Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and parts of the Caribbean. For more information about our mission, click here

We invite you to delegate to WEQNT - a purpose driven stake pool.

We Can Do It