What is Cardano?

The world’s first known cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which well represents the 1st generation of cryptocurrencies.

The 2nd generation represents Ethereum 1.0, which came with the concept of smart contracts.

Cardano belongs to the 3rd generation that will solve other common cryptocurrency problems, such as scalability, interoperabilityand sustainability.

Scalability:In order to meet the demandsforhigh volume transaction processing, ALL blockchain networks need to be able to scale. Cardano network itself was built in a layered structure to cope with the scalability issues and to allow well over 1 million transactions per second.

Interoperability:Cardano envisions to build the Internet of blockchain and enable users to perform cross-chain transactions with the help of side-chains.

Sustainability:In order to reach sustainability goals, Cardano is also planning on creating a treasury to help sustain its future growth and development.

For more in-depth information about Cardano we recommend studying the following websites:

cardano.org & roadmap.cardano.org

Charles Hoskinson

This is by far one of the mostfamousvideos about Cardano and the problems its aiming to solve as a 3rd generation blockchain. Many people first discoveringCardano have learnt about the project through this 'whiteboard presentation from its founder Charles Hoskinson.