Our Charity Projects

Our wish is to impact the lives of people living in remote areas (of developing countries such as: Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Southern Sudan and part of the Caribbean) simply by allowing them basic solar lighting. These are often people/villages not connected to their countries electrical source - thus not having the privilege like others living in the cities or suburbs.

Motivation for doing this:
We believe that the use of technology should not only be used to benefit the rich or more fortunate among us. It is our conviction that the advantage of technology (be it in the field of healthcare or science) should be made accessible to all. 

Why portable solar panels and not a generator?
Generators are much more expensive, required maintenance, makes you dependable on diesel/gasoline and are not eco-friendly.

Portable solar panels on the other hand does not require any maintenance, they don’t make you dependent on diesel or gasoline and they are very eco friendly as the energy produced comes directly from daylight exposure (and even better when directly exposed to sun light).