Advocate For Children Orphanage Kenya

Since the start of our project, we have tried to support children and invest in their future as much as possible.

Sponsoring Solar Lighting was one way, and providing school materials was another, but the amount to support needed to help support the children in the rural areas of Kenya (Kakuma) is too much for just one stake pool. That's why we started reaching out to projects within the Cardano Network, and individuals within our local Church.

Thanks to the support from Cardano project VirusX, and our local Church members, we now support over seven orphans and ensure they are properly taken care of. Our Team in Kenya stays in close contact with sponsor parents and ensures they are up to date on the latest developments of their sponsor child.

Below is a copy of the 2022, Quarterly Sponsorship Reports for our local Church community, including our Sponsor child:

Thank you: