WEQNT Providing Solar Lighting to the poor in Rural areas in Africa

Since December 2020, WEQNT has been providing Solar Lighting to the absolute poor in rural areas ofKenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Southern Sudan.

We work together with a trusted and dedicated team who shares the vision to help and empower the poor. Below are some pictures and videos of distributions throughout the past two years.

In 2023 we will continue to bring light to homes that need it most, and support children living in rural areas to continue their homework, even during the evening hours.

We will also continue installing Solar streetlights and help increase safety and security for women, young girls, and children.

We are proud of the positive impact our Solar Lighting project has had on the lives of the people in rural areas. We are grateful for the staked ada support, donations, and well-wishes from our Delegators and partners.