Collaboration WEQNT stake pool & World Mobile

Collaboration WEQNt World Mobile

We are honored and proud to finally announce that WEQNT stake pool has been working together with World Mobile to establish a distribution framework in Africa for purchasing Solar Lighting. The purchased Solar Lighting will all be freely gifted to people living in rural areas across several countries in Africa.

The collaboration will not only enable us to provide free solar lighting to the poor, but also help support the local economy and small businesses.

Complementing goals:
World Mobile’s mission is to connect the unconnected by utilizing their blockchain based mobile network as means to give people throughout Africa the chance to connect to the Internet, so they can earn, learn and grow.This is also part of a wider goal to eventually banking the unbanked.

WEQNT stake pool’s mission is to provide free solar lighting to the poor & less fortunate living in remote areas across several countries in Africa. The solution we are providing, thanks to World Mobile & their network-partners, will not only provide basic solar lighting in people’s homes but also give options to recharge their mobile devices, ensuring they remain connected.

So whilst World Mobile takes care of the blockchain based mobile network, WEQNT stake pool works to make sure the people needing it most remain connected.

WEQNT stake pool &World Mobile investing in change:
There are two types of solar lighting solutions we are investing in.

The first type consists of a lighting unit with an integrated solar panel. This is core lighting without any additional features.
The second type consists of a lighting unit with an external solar charger (this is not integrated into the lighting unit) and is twice the price of the first type. The type 2 units offers additional options to charge multiple mobile devices.

While our focus will be to provide as many as possible type 1 units, we will also provide type 2 units specifically for single mothers within the communities or villages.

The vision behind this is to give single mothers the ability to build a small business, by offering charging services to help keep others connected. The income generated from providing charging services can be used to pay for their children’s school materials, their daily basic needs, such as food and water, or whatever they wish.

It is our hope that the single mothers would become role models and leaders within their respective communities. We hope their success will also inspire others to make the best of their talent and help contribute to the further growth of their own local economies.

We are building a trusted network:
Building a network/collaboration of trusted entities is important to any brand & its investors. That is why we at WEQNT stake pool have always been keen on collaborating with trustworthy entities within the Cardano ecosystem.

Collaborating with World Mobile is actually a logic ‘next step’ in the further evolution of WEQNT stake pool. The collaboration not only enables us to learn from their experience, but it also gives access to their extensive network of local businesses who are all active in the renewable energy sector.

How can you support our cause?
As a Cardanostake pool we are dependant on delegation (stake) from ADA holders who believe in our mission and would like to support us. Delegating to WEQNT stake pool not only earn our delegators an annual return of 4 to 6 percent, but a portion of the rewards generated by WEQNT stake pool goes to purchasing solar lighting bulbs locally.

An other way to support WEQNT stake pool is by donating any amount of ADA (₳) to our specially created wallet. 100% of donations goes directly to our solar lighting project.

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