Partnership WEQNT stake pool & Launchpad Foundation / CCV

Since the beginning of our journey, Dan, Sarah & Faith have been very supportive of our mission. Through their 'Crypto Capital Venture' business we have enjoyed a tremendous level of support that enabled us to grow as a small business and become eligible to start executing on our commitment to serving the poor.

Launchpad Foundation:

Recently the family also launched a foundation called: Launchpad Foundation. With the launch of the foundation we would now love to officially announced that WEQNT stake pool is an official partner of the Launchpad Foundation /Crypto Capital Venture. As a partner, Launchpad Foundation and Crypto Capital Venture not only provides us donations occasionally, but also hold us accountable to our commitments.

One of the most essential aspects of a wholesome and fulfilling life is accountability, because it results in healthier relationships, honor, compassion, truthfulness, dedication, and sincerity. At WEQNT stake pool we want to provide the best, most reliable staking experience for our delegators. This is not just by offering decent staking rewards, but also by allowing them to partake in a real trustworthy life-changing program.

How can you support our cause?
As a Cardanostake pool we are dependant on delegation (stake) from ADA holders who believe in our mission and would like to support us. Delegating to WEQNT stake pool not only earn our delegators an annual return of 4 to 6 percent, but a portion of the rewards generated by WEQNT stake pool goes to purchasing solar lighting bulbs locally.

An other way to support WEQNT stake pool is by donating any amount of ADA (₳) to our specially created wallet. 100% of donations goes directly to our solar lighting project.

Wallet address:



WEQNT stake pool